Make Your House Stand Out

Turn to us for residential exterior painting services in Evansville & Paradise, IN

Has it been a while since you shown your home some TLC? If your home is starting to look dingy and neglected, Early Bird Custom Painting can help you create the best-looking property on the block. We provide residential exterior painting services in Evansville, Paradise, IN and surrounding areas.

Our seasoned painting contractors aren't afraid of a challenge. We can paint...

  • Decks

    • Fences

      • Shutters

        • Vinyl siding

          • Wood siding

            • Brick surfaces

          • Call us now to get residential exterior painting services. Please note that we can paint homes up to two stories tall.

We make painting bricks easy and stress-free

Have you always wanted to paint your brick house? With help from Early Bird Custom Painting, you can make your vision a reality. We provide exterior brick painting services in Evansville & Paradise, IN. Whether you want full or partial painting services, we'll go the extra mile to give your bricks a stylish new look.

Contact us today to arrange for exterior brick painting services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.